Anderson Park

Thuan An ‘activates the profitability of the luxury apartment segment for rent

Many investors are conquered by high-end apartment projects adjacent to industrial zones and industrial clusters in Thuan An with great opportunities to lease to foreign professionals and workers, bringing attractive profits.

“Good deal” for investors

Like many other investors, Mr. Tony Nguyen living in District 2 (Ho Chi Minh City) is exploring the market to invest in real estate (real estate). He said: “I used to think about sending money to the bank, but with 1.5 billion, each month only gave birth about 7 million, while the money is still slipping.” After researching, he is targeting real estate projects with good investment prices and the ability to generate profits from rentals..
To maximize the profit earned every month, Ms. Thanh Hoa living in Binh Duong has just decided to invest in 3 apartments for rent, the subjects are intellectuals, engineers, domestic and foreign experts in Thuan An.
Many investors are targeting real estate projects that both have a reasonable initial investment price and generate profits from the rental model.

The model for high-end residential rental has blossomed in Ho Chi Minh City since 2016 and is now spreading to areas considered an industrial capital and Thuan An is not out of this trend.
According to the survey on the real estate news sites, the rental price of luxury apartments in District 1, District 7 and District 2 is ranging from 20-60 million VND / month depending on location and area used. In District 9 and Thu Duc it is 15-25 million VND, while in Thuan An residential areas (Binh Duong) the price is from 15 to 20 million VND. In general, the more crowded and crowded areas in the area, the higher the rental capacity and the better profitability.
Thus, the problem posed for investors now is to find a vibrant rental market with reasonable initial investment prices in real estate.

Thuan An – A big market for nimble investors

Ho Chi Minh City real estate supply scarcity is making investors turn to satellite cities, where prices are still soft and with good liquidity. Located adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, Thuan An is considered as a strategic satellite city in the trend of population relaxation with major infrastructure projects in regional connectivity being deployed. Besides, located in the key economic triangle region of Ho Chi Minh City – Binh Duong – Dong Nai, this place is also the center of economic connection in the Southeast.

The wave of domestic and foreign workers and experts coming to Thuan An to work in industrial parks and industrial clusters brings a huge demand for housing.

Thuan An owns many large industrial zones such as VSIP, Viet Huong, Dong An and industrial clusters An Phu, An Thanh, … with more than 2,368 enterprises and hundreds of thousands of foreign workers, engineers and experts. In recent years, Thuan An has attracted more and more foreign businesses, with hundreds of experts to work and live..
Among the projects introduced in Thuan An last time, Anderson Park with a scale of 2.3 hectares is located at the “golden” intersection of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai’s bow – Binh Duong Delta, conquering many houses. connoisseur investment.
As a model urban area developed by Lyn Property – a reputable company in the field of real estate investment and development, Anderson Park spends more than 70% of the area for green space development with the accompanying 5-star resort chain.
Residents Anderson Park enjoy significant green space with 2 central landscape parks and a green jogging path combined with a cool landscape lake. Not to mention, the project is also integrated with various health care facilities such as resort swimming pool, sunbathing area, children’s play area, waterfall landscape, BBQ area, outdoor stage, birth area. community activities, … are arranged in the core of the campus to form a desirable “green bay” for modern residents.

Not only possessing full legal advantage, Anderson Park also conquers customers with best prices

The project has been licensed to sell the apartments to be formed in the future of Block D according to Document No. 4247 / SXD-QLN of the Department of Construction of Binh Duong province. Before that, Anderson Park also owned a Land Use Right Certificate; Detailed planning of 1/500 scale and construction permit No. 2880 / GPXD. In addition, Vietcombank also issued a certificate of guarantee for the handover progress with contracts to buy and sell apartments to be formed in the future under the project.
Currently the 2PN apartment in the project is priced at about 2.4 billion. Vietcombank will support loans up to 70% of the value of the apartment for up to 20 years. First, customers only pay 30% of the value of the apartment. Next, the bank will disburse the loan directly to the investor. Buyers only begin to pay off this loan after receiving the home. In addition, according to Lyn Property, customers also enjoy the total preferential rate up to 20%.
An outstanding apartment line in terms of function, business potential for lease of the project is also “activated” by its ideal location in the center of Thuan An city and adjacent to VSIP, Viet Huong IPs, Dong An 1. It only takes 5 minutes from the project to access modern external facilities such as Lotte Mart, Aeon Mall, Becamex International Hospital, Hanh Phuc International Hospital, Columbia Hospital, Song Be Golf Course …
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