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Where should I invest if I have idle money for year-end profit?

Banks continued to lower interest rates, causing many people to wonder where to invest their money in order to be both safe and profitable?

Many investors target real estate projects that can both add value and generate profits from the rental model.

Where should the surplus money be ‘stored’?

Saving savings has long been considered the safest profitable investment channel, but recently, the constant drop in interest rates have made it even more difficult to decide where to invest in idle money.

I have 500 million dong in bank savings which is about to expire soon. For many months now, the bank interest rates have dropped deeply, the interest I have received from the deposit is no longer attractive. I am intending to withdraw money when the term expires to invest in another channel“, Mr. Minh Tuan lives in Thu Duc, HCMC, said.

Mr. Duc Tien in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong is also wondering about the investment channel shifting from bank savings to real estate when interest rates have fallen sharply, gold fluctuates continuously and stocks also go up and down. erratic following the world’s trends

According to experts, with the mentality of “solid food and durable”, people have long chosen banks as the safest hiding channel. However, bank savings is often only considered as a capital preservation channel, not a highly profitable channel for investors, especially with the rare low interest rates at the moment.

In fact, real estate is now an investment channel that many customers are interested in. Experts say that, no long-term real estate investors have to lose money, maybe only those who follow the short-term “surfing” movement.

On the other hand, in the medium and long term, real estate is still a profitable investment channel with the largest room. Regarding the factor of profitability through value, the real estate market for many years, there has been no crisis that real estate prices decline and this is also unlikely to happen in the future.

“Choose face” deposit!

Always in the top 3 locations attracting foreign investment after Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Binh Duong is creating an underground wave in the apartment rental segment with a high profit margin of 7-14% than some areas in Ho Chi Minh City and other investment channels.

According to the actual survey, the price of apartments for rent in the city area. Thuan An – which owns many of Binh Duong’s most industrial parks, on average ranges from 10 – 15 million, some high-end projects or large apartment area for rent up to 20-25 million.

This is considered the highest level in the Binh Duong apartment market in the past 3 years. According to forecasts, this price level will continue to increase as demand in the coming time is forecast to increase “hot” while the supply has not met.

In Thuan An market, currently prominent is Anderson Park developed by Lyn Property in Thuan An city, Binh Duong. The project is being warmly welcomed by the market thanks to its good price and flexible payment method.

Contrary to popular belief that real estate is an investment channel that requires great resources. Customers interested in the Anderson Park project only have to spend 30% of the value of the apartment, the rest is supported by Vietcombank to borrow 70% in 20 years.

It is worth mentioning that, from the time of paying 30% of the original value until the time the apartment is handed over, the investor will not have to pay any additional costs for the investor. Meaning, a 70% loan will only begin to pay after receiving the house. This is a great advantage for investors who want to use financial leverage.

Currently, the 2-bedroom apartment in the project is priced at VND 2.4 billion. Along with that, the flexible payment method applied by Lyn Property will reduce the financial burden for investors.

The representative of the project developer emphasized: “Anderson Park has complete legal ownership, has been licensed by the Department of Construction to open for sale of future apartments in Block D project according to Document No. 4247/SXD-QLN. The foundation of this block has also been completed with the accelerated construction progress as at present, it is expected that the first quarter of 2023 will hand over the house.

Right after the on-time handover, the investor quickly attracts the rental, the portion of the collected cost will be used to pay for the previous bank loan. Thus, with the use of 30% “leverage” at Anderson Park, investors have both a steady monthly return and long-term assets.

Not to mention, if fast payment is applied, customers also enjoy a total preferential rate of up to 20%, equivalent to 480 million.

In order to meet the diverse requirements of customers, apartments at Anderson Park are designed in a diverse range of areas, designed close to nature, with luxurious and modern style.

Real estate experts advise, investors need to carefully consider legal factors of the project to protect costs. In some cases, the strong legal project, the guaranteed construction progress also helps the investment increase rapidly, within 6 months – 1 year the increase can be up to 25%.

Anderson Park is located at the intersection of National Highway 13 and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai in the center of Thuan An city. Within a 2km radius, there are modern industrial parks and outstanding external utilities of the area such as Aeon Mall, Lotte, Columbia International Hospital, Song Be Golf Course, Mega Market Supermarket.

From the project, residents only take 30-45 minutes to easily move to Ho Chi Minh City via Highway 13, Road DT 743, My Phuoc, Tan Van – after completion, it will connect to Xuyen A road. help shorten distances quickly.

Contact: 1900 3102.

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